Make it bigger

Imagine dark! Now extend it. Make it bigger. Big enough. No, it is not big enough, bigger. Can you make it eternal, like endless? Good, we are getting somewhere. Now, put some planets in it, small or big, the shape is up to you, some stars maybe, or countless meteors, black holes( it shouldn’t hard for you to imagine, you can look up recently taken the first black hole in google), you can put whatever you want in your endless black universe, it is not necessarily should be just like our universe. For example, I put some chairs in the corner of my endless universe, maybe some planets should be tired of turning around in the dark to nowhere and they want to sit down, get some rest, look other planets, and later go back to turning again. So, you get my point. Did you?

If you can’t imagine your made up universe, we can solve it too. Let’s imagine our universe. Open your window, look up for 10 seconds( I know after 5 secs, the neck hurts). I am waiting… waitiiiiing… Good, you are back. Imagine, meteors crash in the dark universe which they are 10 times bigger than your country ( if you are living in Luxemburg, it shouldn’t be a big deal then), or 100 billion times bigger than your sun( you can imagine your sun) explode and become…. hmmm…. nothing or black hole.

Imagining is good, ha? I am pretty sure, you didn’t imagine any of them. You just read my black words, and think, “haaa, how small we are!”. Understood, you don’t like it imagine big. If I say you, pick a number you would pick up a number between 0 to 10 thousand. What about Quintillion ( 1 after 18 zero)? Okay, you even didn’t know this number exists, but I am sure you know some billion numbers. What I am saying, you(we) don’t imagine big. I am not much different than you. My biggest ambitions are to learn guitar which sits usually right after my bed, doing Rubik’s Cube under 20 secs( I am still doing it 2 mins for 3 months), or I don’t know, have a business which works for me and I would do nothing all damn single day.

Let me guess some of your goals or ambitions, or whatever you call… Finish university( I did two and the half times, means nothing), get a job( it feels good to feel financially secure but giving your best years, hmmm, it hurts), have more sleep, get 6 packs( it is up to you to think either beer or abs), leave your country because you think 3000km away is heaven(it is not). Ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t have much different ambitious than you have, to be honest, I don’t have now too. I am not writing for encouraging you to think bigger, do something good, or imagine how meteors crash, why I am writing is to change how I am thinking becuase I feel so small in my small universe, in the small planet, in the small country, in my small room sitting on very uncomfortable chair.

I need to think bigger…

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