The most important stranger

After a couple of hours, it is my birthday. I am neither happy or sad. It is only several rounds of Earth that have been done around the Sun since my birthday. In a nutshell, it has nothing to do with me, Earth is just flirting with Sun.  Poor guy, he will never reach her.

What happened since I was born, the first black president in the US, the first orange president in the US, Saddam Husein has been executed, cat videos have been increased significantly, headphones enormously get bigger, and then significantly get smaller, I lost half of  my hair, tremendous amount of people killed themselves for bad jokes, half of the population  sacrificed their years on their phone and computer, billions  of animals have been killed for feeding ourselves and 30% of these have gone to the garbage,  millions of people sacrificed their lives in the workplaces for feeding themselves in the night before sleeping because they usually forget to eat because of work, I started to like cats, I lost hope for everything and started to have it recently.

Since my birthday, I have met so many people, but most of them have stayed as strangers to me or after they became strangers. I will admit if someone would tell me that the most important stranger person will be Hungarian girl,  I would just laugh at him and clap him for his limitless imagination (there could be some exaggeration but you know what I mean). Yes, there is a Hungarian girl called Csenge but I usually call, Cseni, Diana, if she doesn’t play with my nerves “baby”. I would talk about her for hours and you probably half-cry,  half-laugh to her story. Maybe, one day, if she lets me, I will write her full story, it worth to read… I will refer her Cseni in this blog.   Our story has begun almost one and a half years ago since then I haven’t felt so attached to anyone. if you ask me you loved Cseni’s beauty for the first time, I would say nope (actually yes, I am just playing cool here).   I  fall in her mysterious vibe. I feel different around her. The moment I see her,  the cool and mature me turns out 5 years old child with a new toy jumping around until he gets tired of joy and falls asleep.  My only problem with her is I can’t prove that I haven’t met any person with all the good things in one person… I assure you that, you can’t meet any person in your life better good-hearted than her. I feel sometimes devil minded, a closed-minded, cruel person (actually I am, she just reminds me that I am these things when I am awake)  when I listen to her. I can say when someone fakes it or really mean it. The goodness comes from her heart. That is why I fall in love with her. Like every girl, she cries but she can cry for cat sneezed 2 times in a day. Well, she is the most important stranger since 23 times Earth flirted with Sun since I open my eyes. Do you really want to know her? It is impossible .. I am sorry! I told you she is mysterious… I can’t get bored of her because I think one-day yeaahh I finished to know her and the next day new thing appears all in sudden. You can’t steal her heart with a couple of flowers, 1 good dinner and 2 Oreos (Oreos would play a significant role though). You need to be really smart, good-hearted and handsome ( I won with the last, (such a humble I am!!)) otherwise, please try your chance with another person,  you can’t be even a friend with her…  In a nutshell, my stranger girl named Csenge is my personal psychologist, girlfriend but most importantly my best friend.






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